General Information


The Jamaican Mission Program is a Richland Center based 501(c)3 organization formed in 2008 by a group of 13 people interested in encouraging and supporting mission work in Jamaica. The roots of the organization began when Bryan and Nichole Myers first visited Jamaica in 2003. During this vacation they noticed the beauty of the island and the kindness and generosity of the people. They also noted the disparity between the wealth on the resorts and the poverty of the island. They first returned to perform mission work in 2005. These initial trips involved running a free medical clinic in Montego Bay and assisting at Westhaven Children’s Home and The Place of Safety.

Recently, JMP has partnered with Mustard Seed Communities in Jamaica and has assisted with construction of sustainable agriculture projects at their homes throughout the island. Mustard Seed was founded 1978 by Monsignor Gregory Ramkissoon to house abandoned children with disabilities in Kingston Jamaica. Mustard Seed has expanded to provide residential care to over 600 children and adults with disabilities, over 100 children affected by HIV/AIDS, and a single home for young mothers in crisis. Mustard Seed also manages a number of community outreach programs to combat poverty and malnutrition, and to provide targeted education to local populations. Their reach has now expanded beyond Jamaica to include services and homes in Jamaica, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Zimbabwe, and Malawi.

How You Can Help:

Although necessary, donations alone do little in Jamaica. Local fund-raising and donations provide supplies and assistance for mission workers. But, real help can only be provided by volunteers in Jamaica.All volunteers pay their own lodging and travel expenses.

As an organization our main goal is to encourage people to donate money to pay for their own trip to Jamaica. The average cost per volunteer (including airfare and 7-night hotel stay) is $1100. Most of this cost is tax deducible.

From experience, we can tell you that there is no better way to experience Jamaica and enjoy your vacation than giving a few days to volunteer and experience the “real Jamaica”.

Vacationing In Jamaica?

Previous volunteers will agree that there is no better way to enhance a Jamaican vacation than to give back to the very people that make Jamaica special. If you are unable to travel with JMP formally or would like to work just a day or two while vacationing, please contact us.

We have successfully arranged many, rewarding, single day trips at Westhaven or other locations. Our contacts in Jamaica look forward to any assistance at Westhaven and beyond.

Please email Bryan Myers for arrangements.