Posted by: nicholemm | November 14, 2013


MarleneThis is Marlene. As one of the older and most functional children at Westhaven Children’s Home, she is a big help around the orphanage. She helps with daily cares for the kids and is always available to redirect Frankie when he is being rude.

Marlene has always called me “dad” and stays pretty close. I’m sure she has lots of volunteers that she calls “dad”. But, I still really look forward to visiting with her.

In 2010, we were walking together to Faith Chapel on Sunday. During service, I gave her a few dollars to put in the collection basket. Between the time I gave her the money and the time for collection, she kept moving the money around and playing with her purse. When we went up for collection, I thought she put the money in the basket. On the way back down to Westhaven after church, I noticed that she was limping a little bit. When she stopped to adjust her shoe, I saw the money hiding in her shoe. Nice work Marlene! Finding it a little funny, I gave her another dollar and told her to put it in her other shoe to even things out. She was a little nervous that I knew but it was a great place for the money to go.

If my kids back home try something similar, my response may not be as understanding.

By: Bryan Myers

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