Posted by: nicholemm | November 14, 2013


BeeniePrior to traveling to Jamaica in 2009, we had been trying to get pregnant for over 1 year. A few months before the trip, we were surprised with a positive pregnancy test. Excited but nervous, we initially kept the news private. Just prior to leaving for Jamaica, we met the entire group in Chicago. We had to share our news. People would surely notice that I wasn’t drinking at the hotel.

At first, the trip and the mission work went great. On the last day of work, I didn’t feel right. I was having some pain and was obviously concerned. I confided in my Jamaican doctor (my husband). I drank some extra water and rested. As we waited for the bus, I sat in the sun on the grass. I was obviously nervous. One of the children, Beenie, came up behind me and gave me a big hug. He was gentle and supportive. Although the children like to get hugs and be held, this seemed different. The tears flowed down my face. When we returned home, we unfortunately found out that this pregnancy wasn’t meant to be. I will never forget that hug!

By: Nichole Myers

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