Posted by: nicholemm | November 14, 2013

Sunset Beach

SSBIt isn’t all sacrifice while volunteering with JMP. We continue to have fun at both our work sites and the all-inclusive hotel that we have stayed at for years — Sunset Beach Resort.

Sunset Beach is a very nice hotel and well worth the cost. We have stayed their many times and truly enjoyed coming back multiple times per year.

It is Jamaica, though, and subject to Jamaican realities. They have done aggressive remodeling at the hotel. During our first stay, they were building a new waterpark. As per routine, we were staying in January. They had a large sign that showed the artist rendition of the completed waterpark. We walked past it every day. Since January was ending, we were excited that the sign said construction would be completed February 1st.

As February 1st came and went, one thing changed. They took down the sign! The waterpark was finished later that year and they have since remodeled every room at the hotel.

By: Bryan Myers

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