Posted by: nicholemm | November 14, 2013

Blessed Assurance – September 10, 2013

Day two started off very early again. We left the hotel by 6am to beat the heat and the afternoon storms for a very productive day. Great work team! With the construction supplies already up the hill, we started quickly. We quickly completed the final wall and placed the stretch steel and finished the final framing on the remaining walls. We quickly framed the roof and started to lay down the “zinc” roofing. Without a nail gun, the progress was great. Due to some confusion, we ran a little short of steel for the roof and only got ¾’s done. Not bad, the rains then started early. Dry under the roof, we made the chicken coop door, cut the materials for the layer boxes, and completed some other small projects. It was 5pm before we left and headed to the hardware store for hopefully a final trip. Assuming the steel arrives tomorrow to finish the roof, we should have a near functioning coop by tomorrow night.

By: Bryan Myers

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